This Leash Was Made for Walking

Several weeks after we brought Lucy  home she developed the typical (stereotypical?) bulldog stubbornness. She only took walks when she felt like taking walks, she only went in the directions she wanted to go…you get the idea. I bought her a harness and it helped some, but I found myself still dragging her around the block. The only way she’d willingly go for a walk was if there were people outside the apartment and even then she didn’t really want to go for a walk; she just wanted to say hi to everyone!

Once we enrolled in puppy school our trainer said to try securing her leash around a solid object and walking away when she started resisting against going for a walk. Dogs hate feeling abandoned and he said that when we went back to untie her, she would follow us right away. While it was great in theory and worked when we had an object to secure her to, that was actually part of the problem–there wasn’t always a secure object around. Plus, we live in an apartment complex and I didn’t want to leave her where there might be a car driving through the parking lot or people walking too close to her.

For a completely different purpose, I bought Lucy a chain link leash last night (she chewed through her fabric one, which is a different story for a different day). Because it was a new leash I was excited to try it out and lo and behold, once I clipped it onto her, Lucy practically sprinted out the door and didn’t stop! We took our longest and fastest walk ever. She stopped only to pee, didn’t sniff as much as she normally did and she was moving; for a bulldog, it was practically a run!

So, was it a coincidence? Did she think she was running away from the new leash? Was she just extra energetic? I guess I’ll know more as we take more walks with the new leash. I jokingly said that I thought she felt bad ass with her new leash and was just strutting her stuff, but I’ve heard other bulldog owners say their dogs also walk very well on a chain link leash.

So if any other bully owners, or even owners of other dogs who are resisting walks, a chain link leash, or even just a different kind than the one you currently own, might just be solution.


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