Not a Morning Dog

When we got Lucy at eight weeks old she was a pretty active puppy once she settled in. She did the typical puppy stuff – ran like a crazy dog outside, chased after her toys, played tug-of-war, climbed all over us, etc.

Marty and I both figured that soon enough she’d settle down and become a typical bulldog, so I for one enjoyed the crazy puppy antics. Watching her run was (and is) hilarious. She is not graceful but boy is she speedy despite the awkward gait.

Well, it’s now been four months since we brought Lucy home and NONE of that behavior has changed. She chases after sticks, bugs, other dogs, her toys, etc. We’re convinced she is not going to be the typical lazy bulldog because at six months old, she still gets the “crazies” at night and we’re forced to take her outside to run around and burn off some energy.

However, we have found one time of the day when she is a lazy, snoring bulldog – the mornings. Lucy is most definitely not a morning dog. When I come downstairs in the morning she normally opens one eye, looks at me for a second, then goes back to snoring. I have to forcibly lift her butt out of bed to get her to go outside and do her stuff. And if the grass is wet? Forget about it. The princess does not like wet grass.

Once I literally push her butt out of the door, get her to do her business and get back inside, she makes a bee line for her bed and curls up. After I let her out, I workout and do p90x right in the same room as Lucy. I’m clanking weights, doing push ups, doing plyo moves; absolutely none of it appears to be of any interest to Lucy. She continues to lay there either snoring or watching me with a “why the heck are you awake?” look.

Lucy is quite the opposite of her momma (me), who can’t stay awake past 9 p.m. if I try so I find her sleepiness in the mornings adorable. She normally lays there with her faced squished into her paws or toys with wrinkles so deep you can’t see her eyes.

And I relish the laziness because it only lasts until 6:30 when it’s feeding time…


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