Nosy Nelly

Lucy is one of the nosiest dogs ever. If we sit on the couch, her head winds up on our laps. If we open the door, she runs over to it. If a cell phone rings, she stares at us while we talk on it. One day Marty was putting on his new bike shoes and she literally just sat there and watched him take the shoes out of the box and put them on. She then followed his feet/shoes all the way to the door.

Any time Marty wheels his bike from the living room out the front door, he can barely squeeze through the front door because she’s standing there, sniffing his bike and just generally getting in the way.

The funniest visual, though, is the sight of her with her paws literally in the fridge. She doesn’t eat anything; doesn’t even try, really. She’s just being nosy and sniffing around.

Lucy just sniffing around the fridge, as usual

The best part is when she’s so involved in sniffing and exploring around the fridge, we have to literally squeeze the door shut on her before she’ll get the hint and jump down.

Door is shutting but she’s still in there…


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