Decisions, Decisions

Actually, when it came time to visit the litter of puppies that Lucy was in, Marty and I didn’t think there was a decision to be made. We were already pretty sure which puppy we wanted as our puppy…and it wasn’t Lucy.

After months of emails breeders, asking about litters, missing out on a December litter and trying to make sure we had an apartment to which we could bring a puppy home, I finally found a breeder in Philadelphia. I tracked him down at just the right time; his litter had already been born, there were eight puppies (yes eight bulldog puppies in one litter–almost unheard of!) and there were four females up for grabs. Nick, the breeder, emailed me photos of all four females who were at this point something like one month old.

Marty and I immediately gravitated towards a little girl who had light tan splotches.

This is the puppy Marty and I agreed was the “one for us” before I went to meet the litter in person.

When I got there I played with all the puppies, watched them run around their pen and snapped a ton of photos of the puppy in the picture above because I was convinced she was our pick. And she really was adorable; her color was perfect and she had plenty of the wrinkles I was dying for. But I couldn’t take my eyes off the energetic puppy with poop on her head who had a perfect half-white, half-spotted face with tons of wrinkles.

Lucy at just four weeks old!

The breeder could sense I was wavering so he let both females out of their pen to play around. Well, the “real” Lucy came right over to me and attacked my shiny ring. That was it, she was the one! Any dog who liked shiny objects, and jewelry in general, was meant to be mine!

And so I spent the rest of my hour there playing with Lucy and making sure she was the right choice.

Sleepy Lucy after I decided to stake my claim to her!

I still feel badly for not taking home the other one; I don’t know who she wound up with and if I could have afforded two puppies they probably both would have wound up with us! But there’s not a second that I regret choosing Lucy. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this face?!

Nosy and curious, even at a young age!


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