One Week From Today…

One week from today, fingers crossed, Lucy will be home from her surgeries. Yes, surgeries plural. About two weeks after we brought her home, Lucy developed a cherry eye.

Lucy’s cherry eye is in her left eye.

It’s a completely normal thing to happen to bulldogs and even pugs, boxers, etc. Essentially her inner eyelid popped out; occasionally an owner might be able to massage it back into place but that never happened with Lucy’s. Because I had done my research prior to bringing Lucy home I knew what a cherry eye was and what it looked like so I didn’t (completely) freak out when it developed in Lucy’s eye. However, I also knew that eventually surgery would have to happen in order to fix it.

I went to the vet to get it looked at to make sure my diagnosis was correct (it was) but while I was there, they said that Lucy’s nostrils were VERY narrow, even for a bulldog. I saw three different vets over the course of Lucy’s vaccinations and puppy check-ups and every single one said the same thing, unprompted.

They referred me to a veterinary surgeon in Plains, Pa. to get another opinion and he agreed. He owns a French bulldog and knows what nostrils are supposed to look like in flat-faced dogs and while they’re expected to be narrow, Lucy’s were really narrow. Narrow nostrils can make it even harder for a bulldog to breathe (and let’s face it, with their faces it’s never going to be exactly easy!) and long-term, that difficulty to breathe can cause permanent inflammation in her throat.

I did NOT want to do it, but the thought of the long-term effects on Lucy combined with the fact that she might be able to live a little longer made up my mind.

So, on Monday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 a.m. Lucy will be going under the knife for an eye surgery, a nose job and hopefully she will be spayed if she reacts well to the anesthesia. She is going to be one ANGRY puppy when she comes home with stitches in three places and a doggy cone over her head, which will stay on for an entire week.

Not Lucy (yet), but you get the idea. One royally pissed off bulldog.

(photo credit
I’m not looking forward to Monday and I know I’ll be a wreck that entire day; anesthesia is risky for dogs, especially bulldogs who have narrow airways, but even if Lucy won’t be a happy camper, I’ll be ecstatic to welcome home Lucy the Coneheaded¬† Bulldog on Monday night.

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