Lucy’s Mornings

Our mornings are generally the same, even on the weekends. Wake up at the ass-crack of dawn, workout, feed Lucy, go to work. So here is a pictorial look at how Lucy spends her mornings.

Dead asleep while I workout

Sometimes she gets a bit antsy waiting for me to finish up so she frequently occupies herself by doing this:

There is a dog under there

After I’m done working out, it’s playtime.

One of her three tennis balls (spoiled dog)

Then she moves onto her pink elephant.

Pink elephant #2

Playtime doesn’t last too long, however, because pretty soon she’s giving me the look of “feed me, dammit.”

Hungry dog

After she eats, which takes all of 60 seconds, I head upstairs to get ready for work and this is what I come downstairs to…

“Can I help you?”

After I drag her butt out the door one last time to do her business, that’s pretty much where she stays until lunchtime. Rough life.

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