Puppy Class: Week Four

Last night was our fourth week of puppy school and it was another fun and productive night! For the beginning of class we worked on what we learned last week but added in a bit more loose leash walking. Basically the dogs learn where they are supposed to walk in relation to your body by luring them with treats. It’s really easy when all they’re doing is following a treat around!

Lucy does get a bit distracted by the other dogs, though, and got herself so excited that at one point she puked, so that was fun. She does that semi-frequently, though, so while everyone else may have been horrified, it’s pretty routine for us 🙂

Then we moved on to entirely new drills like “drop it,” something  Lucy did not pick up on at ALL during class. We were supposed to swap out one treat (a  rawhide) for another so when she dropped the first treat for the second she was rewarded. Yeah, well, she didn’t want to drop the rawhide which made it rather difficult to praise her for dropping something she wouldn’t drop. Ah well, I guess we have a lot of practicing to do this week.

And for some reason despite a full hour of drills and socializing, Lucy comes home still full of energy! For at least the next hour she’s running around, playing with her toys and jumping all over Marty while I’m dead on the couch.  Finally she finds a place to crash…UNDER her bed.

Of course, why would she actually want to sleep IN the $50 bed I bought her.


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