A Social Butterfly

We had to drop Lucy off at the veterinary surgeon on Sunday night. The vet’s office is nearly an hour and a half away and she needed to be there by 7 a.m. on Monday so they said we could drop her off the night before to avoid an extra-early morning on Monday.

On Saturday night (and well into Sunday), I gave her extra hugs and walks. Surgery for bulldogs is risky so while I’m sure she’ll be just fine, I was (am), a little nervous. However, someone went above and beyond simply a few extra hugs and kisses.

Keep in mind, house rule is that Lucy is not allowed on the couch.

So, late Sunday evening we made the trek to Plains, Pa. to drop her off at the vet. Lucy, of course, had no idea where we were going and why, but she loves car rides so it was an easy trip. Once we got there, we had a bit of a wait and Lucy got a bit anxious because no one was paying attention to her (besides us, but apparently we don’t count). She started pulling on the leash, whining and pacing to get some attention.

Some restraint was necessary to keep Lucy from lunging at every person that walked by.

She was clearly getting tired of the wait…

“What’s the deal with all this standing around?”

Finally it was Lucy’s turn and all the nurses came out to fawn over Lucy. Her butt didn’t stop wiggling as the nurses took turns petting her and lavishing her with attention. In fact, at one point one of the nurses called her a “social butterfly.” And just like that they took her away down the hall and she was gone 😦

The vet called me early this morning to let me know Lucy was first up for surgery today and that she was doing great. He said she wouldn’t stop giving everyone kisses and that she was so happy she wouldn’t even stay still long enough for him to give her a quick exam!

Crossing my fingers that in a few hours I get a call that everyone went extremely well and I can pick up a healthy Lucy tomorrow!


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