Lucy’s Home!

Monday morning Lucy went into surgery for what turned into four surgical procedures. They were all necessary; the doctor spayed her, fixed her cherry eye and did two procedures to help her breathe better for the longterm.

The vet called around lunchtime on Monday to say the surgeries were over and Lucy was in recovery and doing well. He said that assuming she’d be able to keep food down, I could take her home on Tuesday.

He called again early Tuesday morning and said Lucy was good to go, so I hopped in the car and went to pick up the social butterfly of the surgeon’s office. The nurses there did NOT want her to leave. They kept asking if I had to take her back 🙂

I think she was happy to see me but was pretty groggy and out of it. This was her for pretty much the whole car ride home..

Not a happy camper.

Overall she looks a LOT better than I expected. You can barely tell her eye had surgery, her nose looks great and she’s moving without any restrictions at all. The only problem is that she cannot seem to walk without ramming her head into the ground because of the “cone of shame” she’s forced to wear for two weeks. I feel horribly for her but you can’t help but giggle just a little bit at a dog in a cone.

A floating head with no body!

I think she’s thirsty so I’ve been giving her water out of a water bottle (the cone makes it rather difficult to drink out of a bowl) but it gets kind of messy…

Licking up the remnants of the water I made a mess with while trying to give her a drink.

She also has not quite gotten the hang of moving around with the cone.

“I’m stuck and I can’t get out!”

Fortunately she’s figured out a way to gnaw on her beloved pink elephant.

Glad to be back at home with her toys!


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