Recovery (and Alien Poop)

Lucy’s recovery has been shockingly smooth. She does not like the cone but has managed to (awkwardly) navigate around the apartment and outside with it. The best is watching her drink water out of the bowl – her cone covers the entire the bowl like a lampshade!

She sleeps pretty well with it on (and even manages to get up on the couch with it on and sleep there – not happy about that). Here’s a shot of her all stretched out, on the floor for once, and you can see her stitches look great.

All stapled up!

So cute with her cone on, tongue out, and legs crossed:

Paws crossed like a little lady (for once!)

However, one unexpected and gross part of her recovery was the alien poop she squeezed out a day or two after her surgery. Words cannot describe it. Marty wanted me to take a picture of it but I thought I’d spare everyone. Let’s just say it looked like a large, black, fake turd. It was shiny, large, really squishy and had not changed shape or appearance after two days out in the grass (we kept it there as a science experiment to see if it would change. It did not). Thank god that only lasted a day or two and I’m going to chalk it up to the meds, not our fantastically strange dog.


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