Puppy Class: Week Six

Just one more week left of puppy school!

Lucy made her triumphant return to class last night after missing last week due to her surgeries. She was ecstatic to be there! I wish I had someone there to take photos because she is hilarious with her energy and enthusiasm. She also chose to spend any time the owners were receiving instructions sniffing around the edges of the classroom looking for any small scrap of a treat, making it sound like we had a pig searching for truffles in the class. Elegant she is not.

We learned a few new behaviors this week, including “leave it.” Not Lucy’s strong point so we have lots of work to do. Next week there is a competition with prizes for the puppies who do well with each behavior. I am all for freebies, so this week Lucy and I will be training hard. The down side to all the training is that Lucy only obeys when she is certain I have a treat in my hand; no wonder I have a fat dog.

And this was pretty much her reaction when I told her we were going to practice later today:

“No treats, no practice.”


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