Happy Halloween!

Lucy says Happy Halloween!


Costume, Take II

Lucy’s tutu costume clearly did not work out (see this post) so we had to come up with costume number two for Halloween. Marty came through and got Lucy a Susquehanna cross country uniform – singlet and bun huggers! They fit her and she was unable to take them off, unlike the tutu. Last Friday, in part to get his team excited for championship weekend, I dressed Lucy up in her SU gear and brought her to practice.

“Do these bun huggers make me look fat?”

She was the cutest thing ever! The bun huggers absolutely made the outfit and the team loved her.

Begging for attention (and rocking the off-the-shoulder look with her singlet)

She was also shockingly well-behaved despite being forced into a costume she probably didn’t want to wear.

Looking both resigned and pathetic; her go-to move to get attention.

Happy Halloween Eve!

“Lucy Smells”

“Lucy smells.”

That’s exactly what Marty said to me as I walked in the door Tuesday night after working a men’s soccer game. First of all, he has two hands that could have easily washed Lucy. Second of all, she did NOT smell! I took a big ole’ whiff of Lucy and smelled…dog.

Lucy is annoyed that a certain someone implied she smells.

I will fully admit that the actual culprit is probably her bed.

Her bed, which is a lovely mixture of dog hair, dog drool and dog pee

Twice last week she chose to show us exactly what she thought of our speed (or lack thereof) in getting out of  bed in morning. On two separate mornings she heard my alarm go off and decided I wasn’t getting out of bed quickly enough and promptly peed in her bed. I know she did it just before I got downstairs because when I let her out to do her business, she had none to do!

So does Lucy smell? No. Does her bed smell? Probably. But how can you get too annoyed at a face like this (even if it is lying in a cesspool of drool and pee)?

Go ahead, try to get angry at that face

Wrinkles, Part II

I wouldn’t trade Lucy’s wrinkles for anything but it does make for a very high maintenance dog (and breed, for that matter). Every day (or when I remember…) I have to clean out Lucy’s wrinkles with baby wipes. She has a love-hate relationship with that; she loves to try to eat the baby wipe, does not like me to actually use it to clean her wrinkles.

Despite doing that, I noticed that after we’d had Lucy for a few weeks she was getting red tear stains down her wrinkles and they were starting to bother her – she itched them so much she was starting to get sores.

You can see the red stains on her right cheek and wrinkle

So the daily cleaning with baby wipes turned into a lengthy process of baby wipes, baby powder (to keep the wrinkles dry) and an antibiotic ointment. Good lord, she is a needy dog. I also switched her food in hopes that would help. Well, the combination of everything seemed to work. The stains went away and Lucy the High Maintenance Bulldog now has clean, dry, non-irritated wrinkles.

So for those interested in getting a bulldog, they are worth it 10 times over, but beware: for such a cute, ugly dog, they require lots of attention!


It’s official, the combination of wrinkles and fat rolls is only cute on bulldogs. Babies with fat rolls are adorable, but wrinkles on a baby would look just plain weird. And I am still obsessed with Lucy’s wrinkles; when I was looking for a puppy, I wanted to find the one with the most wrinkles and rolls.

Even at four weeks she had adorable nose wrinkles!


Nose AND ear wrinkles!

And the wrinkles and rolls are even bigger now that’s she’s seven-plus months old!

Check out those ankle rolls!!


Yes, that would be a massive neck roll and a face full of wrinkles.

I only wish the cuteness factor of wrinkles and rolls on Lucy applied to women as well…

Clean Bill of Health

Tuesday morning I made the last 90-minute drive (each way!) to Plains, Pa. for Lucy’s final post-operative follow-up appointment with her surgeon. Since she’s gotten so big I can no longer lift her into her cage in the back seat of my car so she gets to ride in the passenger seat next to me. She is an awesome travel buddy! She just sits there either looking at me, resting her head on my arm or resting her head on the console.

Who can name the band of the CD Lucy is drooling on?!

The news we got made it worth the morning spent in the car and the five minutes we spent with the vet – Lucy got a clean bill of health! Her stitches healed fine, her nose is great and her eye healed really well.

Happy AND healthy!

Walk A (Quarter) Mile in These Shoes

In an effort to both make Lucy tired and prevent her from getting fat(ter), I take her for walks every day; if she’s lucky, two walks. However, despite having her for over five months, she still fights walks every single time and we only walk a quarter-mile at a time! I have to drag her across the yard; last night I simply turned my back and started walking/pulling her along as usual but looked back to see she had given up, laid down and I was literally dragging her limp body through the grass.

However, once we get going she loves it; I think since her nose surgery she smells better so she sniffs everything, sees people, sees other dogs, etc. It’s just getting her going that’s the problem.

Sunday was a ridiculously nice day for the middle of October so we took an extra long walk and I snapped a few photos from the trip to prove that she does actually like them, even if the beginnings are a bit rough…

Just bought our pumpkin; Lucy has no clue what to make of it and sniffs it every time we leave the apartment.


Very lucky to have a park right outside our apartment.


Still copping a bit of an attitude


She frequently plays devil’s advocate to see what I’ll do when she simply sits down and refuses to walk.

Always sniffing the flowers


Trotting along


Happy face (finally)!

Morning Good-Byes

Every morning by the time I’m ready to leave for work, Lucy has found her way onto the couch and is ready for a nice, long nap. She’s so sleepy it barely registers that I’m leaving so I’m able to go over and pet her squishy face (which is in the process of drooling all over the couch) and give her a kiss, or two, good-bye.

Too sleepy to care that I’m leaving

It’s so hard to leave because she just looks so darn cute curled up into that little (ok, not so little) ball…

Squishy face

What a Dog Really Costs

Without getting into the financial specifics of what Lucy costs, suffice it to say it’s a LOT. I knew that going in and I was prepared for it. I saved money, don’t go on costly vacations, buy used cars, don’t have kids, etc. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve spent money on:

– Buying her (duh)
– Registering her
– Vet fees and meds (I never leave the vet’s office without paying at least $100)
– Her surgeries (yikes, that was a lot)
– Food, leashes, collars, etc.
– and TOYS

My goodness, the amount of toys this dog goes through! I know, I know, she’s spoiled. She doesn’t NEED that many toys but she likes them and it keeps her busy. The unfortunate part is that she DESTROYS the toys!

Last night I brought home yet another toy to replace the pink elephant (well, the third pink elephant) she’d destroyed in a matter of two weeks. She went berserk for the new toy!

Inspecting her new teddy bear

She did not leave that bear alone for two solid hours!

Didn’t take her long to rip right into that thing

I have yet to find a toy, even pull toys, that she doesn’t destroy. I have a strong feeling that when all is said and done, I will have spent almost as much on toys for a DOG as I did just buying her!

Good thing she’s worth it 🙂

Happy dog