Rough Weekend

Lucy had quite the exciting (and tiring) weekend. It was Homecoming Weekend at Susquehanna which meant Marty and I were both busy on Friday night and pretty much all of Saturday. Friday night we abandoned Lucy to attend the Hall of Fame Banquet but boy did we more than make up for leaving her alone all night Friday.

Saturday morning Marty’s team hosted its annual Alumni Run so before I headed to work for the day I stopped by to watch a little bit and to ultimately drop Lucy off with Marty for the morning.

I tried to control her for the 30 or so minutes I was there but boy is she strong! She was so, so excited to see people and run around that it was hard to keep her out of the way of everyone who was actually there to run, not see her! I then left her in the care of Marty and his team and from all the stories I heard, she was quite the hit and also quite the menace. At one point the softball team kidnapped her to run around with them before their alumni game. After the race was over, Lucy also apparently managed to steal herself a ham sandwich and potato chips. Well-rounded lunch, I guess.

When I finally got home later that evening, this is what Lucy looked like:

I’m tired and I can’t get up

That was pretty much how she spent the rest of Saturday and her lack of energy carried over into Sunday morning. Upon coming downstairs after taking a shower on Sunday morning, she had moved, but barely.

Too much partying on Saturday? (and no, this was not a posed shot!)

She rallied a bit by Sunday afternoon.

Still on the couch but actually sitting up for a change.

She started to get a bit antsy and fidgety on the couch and crawled all over Marty.

“I fart in your general direction.”

And finally decided she’d had enough of the paparazzi.

Those fangs are indeed quite threatening. Except when you realize they’re attached to a 40-pound fat, wrinkly dog.


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