Lucy vs. The Tutu

I made the executive decision that Lucy would wear a tutu for Halloween. A full-on costume would be wasted on Lucy but I thought a tutu would be easy, basic, simple…plus it would prevent people from calling her a boy, at least for one day.

Well, I was wrong. Strike one: buying a tutu from Petsmart that didn’t even go halfway around her waist. Talk about a distorted image of how small I  really think Lucy is!

So, I did the unbelievable and actually ordered a dog tutu online. Who does that?

Anyway, strike two: Lucy is very confused by the tutu.

Blurry, but clearly confused by the tutu

Strike three: She can reach around and eat the tulle. Not good.

After 10 minutes, this is the ONLY picture I got where she managed to keep it on, not try to run away from it or eat it.

Not amused at all.

Costume fail.


2 thoughts on “Lucy vs. The Tutu

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