Puppy Class: Week Seven

Last night we had our very last puppy class! As usual, Lucy was ecstatic to be there; she really did love the last couple of weeks!

Ready for class to start!

We were the first ones there so of course Lucy had to check out every dog who came into class after her.

Dying to stay Hi to everyone.

We started out working on a few older commands and added in a few newer ones. For some reason Lucy had a limited attention span last night so she spent a lot of time looking around the room and NOT paying attention to me.

Watching every other dog do their tricks while refusing to actually do work herself.

The instructor came over and worked with Lucy; she even had a hard time focusing for him but he since he’s a professional and all, he was a bit more successful than I was in getting her to pay attention and actually do something on command.

“I will do anything for food.”

Lucy isn’t exactly the cleanest dog at class. She drools on my hands, leaves crumbs all over the place and then drools all over the floor trying to pick up those crumbs.

Evidence of Lucy’s mess (i.e. drool-and-crumb mix)

After working on a few new commands, we moved onto a competition! Each dog went one-by-one and was timed on the same series of commands. The five-pound Maltese took more than three minutes and the Boston Terrier did it in a speedy 1:10! I was very, very nervous for Lucy’s turn (she was last); she hadn’t exactly been a model student that day (she spent part of the “stay” drill lying on her side ready to take a nap).

Anyway, we did it in two minutes flat! We were second…out of three. But still, not last! And Lucy’s prize was a massive bone!

Fascinated with her prize!

The class was definitely worth it; I had fun, Lucy had fun and we learned a lot. Now I just have to work on getting her to listen to me while not holding a treat in my hand…

Glamour shot


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