Puppy Park

For the first time since we brought Lucy home in May, I took her to our local dog park on Friday afternoon. She. Loved. It. There were three other small-ish dogs there so she was actually the biggest. Fortunately I have either an incredibly confident or incredibly oblivious dog. None of the other dogs really wanted to play with her but could not have seemed to care less. She chased after them, played with their owners, and ran around on her own.

Getting acclimated


Waiting for someone to play with her.

The park is pretty big with open space, trees, bushes, etc. It was a blast to watch her have freedom to run wherever she wanted.

Lucy’s version of running.

She did try really, really hard though to make friends.

This dog, like the other two, wanted nothing to do with Lucy and all her energy.

It didn’t seem to bother her, though. She just alternated between trying to find playmates and sniffing all the new smells of the park.

Looking for crap to eat.

The three other dogs left a little while after she got there and Lucy was really confused as to why they were leaving.

Watching her “buddies” leave.

Fortunately for Lucy we went back the next day (where she proceeded to bug the crap out of an older black Labrador) and I think we’ll be going back a lot when the weather is good – Lucy was one pooped puppy on Friday night!



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