What a Dog Really Costs

Without getting into the financial specifics of what Lucy costs, suffice it to say it’s a LOT. I knew that going in and I was prepared for it. I saved money, don’t go on costly vacations, buy used cars, don’t have kids, etc. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve spent money on:

– Buying her (duh)
– Registering her
– Vet fees and meds (I never leave the vet’s office without paying at least $100)
– Her surgeries (yikes, that was a lot)
– Food, leashes, collars, etc.
– and TOYS

My goodness, the amount of toys this dog goes through! I know, I know, she’s spoiled. She doesn’t NEED that many toys but she likes them and it keeps her busy. The unfortunate part is that she DESTROYS the toys!

Last night I brought home yet another toy to replace the pink elephant (well, the third pink elephant) she’d destroyed in a matter of two weeks. She went berserk for the new toy!

Inspecting her new teddy bear

She did not leave that bear alone for two solid hours!

Didn’t take her long to rip right into that thing

I have yet to find a toy, even pull toys, that she doesn’t destroy. I have a strong feeling that when all is said and done, I will have spent almost as much on toys for a DOG as I did just buying her!

Good thing she’s worth it 🙂

Happy dog


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