Walk A (Quarter) Mile in These Shoes

In an effort to both make Lucy tired and prevent her from getting fat(ter), I take her for walks every day; if she’s lucky, two walks. However, despite having her for over five months, she still fights walks every single time and we only walk a quarter-mile at a time! I have to drag her across the yard; last night I simply turned my back and started walking/pulling her along as usual but looked back to see she had given up, laid down and I was literally dragging her limp body through the grass.

However, once we get going she loves it; I think since her nose surgery she smells better so she sniffs everything, sees people, sees other dogs, etc. It’s just getting her going that’s the problem.

Sunday was a ridiculously nice day for the middle of October so we took an extra long walk and I snapped a few photos from the trip to prove that she does actually like them, even if the beginnings are a bit rough…

Just bought our pumpkin; Lucy has no clue what to make of it and sniffs it every time we leave the apartment.


Very lucky to have a park right outside our apartment.


Still copping a bit of an attitude


She frequently plays devil’s advocate to see what I’ll do when she simply sits down and refuses to walk.

Always sniffing the flowers


Trotting along


Happy face (finally)!


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