She Can’t be Adorable All the Time

Even Lucy can’t be an adorable, squishy-faced dog all the time. Like humans, she suffers from the occasional “bed head” in the morning, only it’s not her hair that’s a mess. It’s…everything. I’ll let the picture speak for itself:

"Who are you and where am I?"

“Who are you and where am I?”

Oh, who’s kidding. Even a squinty face and crooked tongue is adorable on Lucy 🙂


Traveling 101

My trip to bring Lucy home from the breeder was more than 2 1/2 hours (of course it decided to downpour that day, so driving through Philly + a  paranoid first-time pet owner = slow trip). We also live a minimum of 2 1/2 hours from our families. All of those factors meant that I was crossing my fingers and toes that Lucy would be a good traveler.

Well, Lucy is more than good – she’s great. From the day we brought her home she’s been a champion traveler  – no real fussing, no whining, no barking. The biggest factor for that? I’m lucky. I’m very lucky to have a dog that is naturally happy (or least not angry…) to be on car rides. However, I’ve also picked up tips over the past few months that make traveling with a puppy or dog much easier.

When I travel with another person, Lucy is always on the back seat in her cage. Always. With her small cage I buckled it in; now with a larger cage it moves around much less even without being buckled in because it’s essentially wedged up against the front seat.

Ok, she may not look happy, but it was the end of a long day!

This keeps Lucy contained and it allows me to focus on the road. There’s nothing more dangerous for the driver, passenger or dog than to have a puppy climbing all over the car while you’re trying to drive. It also gives her a clear view of us so she never feels alone back there.

After Lucy got to be a bit too heavy for me to lift her into her cage in the car, I allowed her to start sitting in the front seat when it was just myself driving. I tested it out on a short drive and she was tremendous; every dog is different, but Lucy is a very happy little passenger.

Facing the wrong way, but whatever.

(Dad, look away now because yes, that is dog hair and drool on the seat)

We never travel more than 2 1/2 hours at a time without taking a break for Lucy. We let her out at a travel stop, make her do her business and walk around a bit. Sometimes it can be a hassle to get out her water bowl, fill it with water and have her drink two sips – or none at all. So to prevent the wasting of water, we take a Lucy-designated water bottle on our trips and let her drink out of the bottle itself; we simply turn it upside down, let the water flow out and let Lucy at it. She loves drinking water this way and there’s a lot less water that goes to waste.

We also travel with a box full of her food, toys and snacks and give her ONE indestructible toy in her cage for the trip. Also, when she was very little I took her collar off when she was in the cage – it can be easy to get it stuck on the side of the cage. Now that she’s older I don’t worry so much (although maybe I should…).

So chalk it up mostly to luck that I have an easy travel buddy, but I’ve learned few things for easier travel along the way. It also helps  that Lucy has the same taste in music that I do. 🙂

Matchbox Twenty’s new CD “North” for those of you who were wondering.

Lucy’s First Snow

It’s been snowing since sometime late last night. Not a lot, mind  you. While it is still snowing as I write this (almost 11 a.m.), it’s not expected to last much longer and there’s maybe two-plus inches out there. Most importantly, though, there is definitely enough covering the ground to give Lucy her first snow experience.

“Can I eat it?”

I wasn’t home to see Lucy out in the snow for the first time but apparently she was power-walking right through it. And eating it. Of course.

Thanksgiving Travels

The past five days have been full of family, food and TRAVELING. It was fun and exhausting for everyone, most especially Lucy.

If she wasn’t busy running around playing, this is what Lucy looked like for five days.

We traveled to South Jersey to North Jersey and back, with stops in Central Jersey. Phew! We’re lucky, though, that Lucy is a great traveler and adjusts well to being in new places.

Playing with her “cousins”

Of course, being able to sleep on Marty’s parents’ couch didn’t hurt…

“A little different from my couch at home, but it’ll do.”

And perhaps the best part of her trip? She found a new best friend.

Rubber duckie, you’re the one.

As usual, Lucy found a new toy to obsess with and destroy. Although this one has lasted an impressive four-plus days. A near record when it comes to Lucy and her toys.

All in all, a great weekend with friends and family, even if Lucy didn’t get as many Thanksgiving scraps as she would have liked, despite her many attempts at her “poor, starving puppy” routine.

“No more food??”


Scared Puppy

It turns out Lucy was not being a total brat and throwing her food bowl (containing her new weight control food) around. She was scared of her bowl! (Keep in mind it’s the same exact bowl she’s had her entire life!).

What happened was the ring on her collar that holds all her ID tags got bent; I hadn’t gotten around to fixing it yet and it wasn’t bothering her at all…or so I thought. Turns out she wasn’t throwing her bowl, it would get stuck on her collar while she was eating. We discovered this after the third time she “threw” her bowl around. Poor thing! It scared the crap out of her and ever since then she’s been the world’s most scared dog.

Hiding from any potential scary bowls that might attack her again.

She won’t go near her food bowl in the morning; we tried different locations, different food, we tried forcing her to eat, we tried taking her collar off. Today’s at least day four of all this drama and she FINALLY ate most of her food in one shot after we took her collar off. I feel horribly that she’s scared of a little food bowl! Now she even cowers when we bring the bowl anywhere near her and any loud seems to spook her now.

I just want my happy puppy back 😦

The formerly care-free Lucy

It’s Not all Bad

I’ve probably given the impression that the last few days with Lucy  have been horrible. That’s absolutely not the case. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still acting strange (refusing to eat her food anywhere but in the middle of the kitchen floor??) but any strangeness or frustrating behavior is totally worth  it when she pulls something like this:

Fast asleep on Marty’s feet (kind of gross, actually, but she didn’t seem to mind).

Her butt wiggles, wrinkly face, snorting and her pure giddiness when I walk in the door make everything worth it. Even her apparent distaste for the food we provide her.

Lucy Strikes Again

To say I was pissed off this morning would be an understatement. I fed Lucy her breakfast and went back into the living room to finish my workout. Not even one minute later she came strolling back into the living room. I knew there was no way she’d eaten her food that fast so I checked her bowl – still full. I figured she’d eventually go back to eating and Marty came downstairs at that point so I turned Lucy over to him so I could finish my workout.

He camped out in the kitchen to see if she’d do her bowl-kicking “trick” again. Boy did she.

A nice scattering of food across a five-foot span.

You can see where her bowl SHOULD have been (in the upper right corner next to her water bowl).

Food was everywhere.

I was so angry I could barely speak. If she really hates her food that much she could have just left it in the bowl; there was NO need to make a mess (I am fully aware I’m making it sound like a dog could actually reason like a human being).

Well, she’s made her point. I wasted $60 on a 24-pound bag of food she refuses to eat. As my dad pointed out, maybe it’s called weight control food because dogs would rather starve than eat it.

Not funny, Lucy, not funny at all.

A Re-Enactment at the Crime Scene

Yesterday morning we fed Lucy her breakfast in the kitchen and then went back into the living room to have our morning coffee. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we heard this huge, loud noise of metal being knocked across the kitchen floor.

Lucy had somehow managed to knock her food bowl from one end of the kitchen to another. We had no idea how it happened or why, but Lucy certainly seemed freaked out and surprised.

Well, turns out her “surprise” was all an act. This morning when I got back from the gym Marty told me the same thing happened – she had knocked her (empty) food bowl clear across the floor.

Here’s the re-enactment:

Lucy’s bowls on the far side of the kitchen, nice and neatly lined up

Here’s Lucy eating her food like a normal dog

And here is Lucy’s upside down bowl clear across the other side of the kitchen

We have no idea why she’s doing this all of a sudden. Marty thinks she’s pissed that her food is all gone. My guess? I’m pretty sure she’s pissed that I’ve been mixing in weight control food with her regular food.

Message received, Lucy.

It’s Hard to Believe…

…that THIS face is one of good luck.


But apparently Lucy is indeed a good luck charm. Lucy has been to four home men’s soccer tournament games over the past week and the Crusaders are a whopping 4-0 at said games! They’ve even advanced to the Sweet 16 for the first time in program history. No matter if it’s cold, windy or there are drunk fans all around her, Lucy dutifully shows up in her SU tank top and helps cheer the team on.

Sadly, the team next plays in San Antonio, Texas and neither Lucy or I will be making the trip. I’ll have to shield her from the blame if the team loses but Lucy (and I) will be pulling for them all the way from Selinsgrove!

PS – In keeping with the theme, it’s also hard to believe that Lucy is officially eight months old!