Lunch Date

Lucy and I have a lunch date every day. The time varies due to my work schedule and any meetings or appointments, but I try to make it home by noon. I take her out, she goes #1 then walks back inside for her “treat.” Ever since I stopped giving her lunch I put a dollop of all-natural peanut butter inside her kong. It takes her approximately two minutes to suck all the PB out of the kong.

I make my lunch, take her out again (#2) and then try to relax on the couch and watch “What Not to Wear,” one of my all-time favorite shows which happens to be on every day at noon.

And this is how the rest of my lunch goes…

Lucy hops up on the couch:

Lucy has the same ADD I do and can never sit still. For least five minutes she licks and bites her feet and/or slobbers on her ball. Yummy.

She does try to pick up tips on how one should dress appropriately for work:

I didn’t know tutus were not appropriate attire!

Then she gets really, really antsy and this is what I look at for the rest of lunch:

Hi, look at me please.


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