It’s Hard to Believe…

…that THIS face is one of good luck.


But apparently Lucy is indeed a good luck charm. Lucy has been to four home men’s soccer tournament games over the past week and the Crusaders are a whopping 4-0 at said games! They’ve even advanced to the Sweet 16 for the first time in program history. No matter if it’s cold, windy or there are drunk fans all around her, Lucy dutifully shows up in her SU tank top and helps cheer the team on.

Sadly, the team next plays in San Antonio, Texas and neither Lucy or I will be making the trip. I’ll have to shield her from the blame if the team loses but Lucy (and I) will be pulling for them all the way from Selinsgrove!

PS – In keeping with the theme, it’s also hard to believe that Lucy is officially eight months old!


One thought on “It’s Hard to Believe…

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