A Re-Enactment at the Crime Scene

Yesterday morning we fed Lucy her breakfast in the kitchen and then went back into the living room to have our morning coffee. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we heard this huge, loud noise of metal being knocked across the kitchen floor.

Lucy had somehow managed to knock her food bowl from one end of the kitchen to another. We had no idea how it happened or why, but Lucy certainly seemed freaked out and surprised.

Well, turns out her “surprise” was all an act. This morning when I got back from the gym Marty told me the same thing happened – she had knocked her (empty) food bowl clear across the floor.

Here’s the re-enactment:

Lucy’s bowls on the far side of the kitchen, nice and neatly lined up

Here’s Lucy eating her food like a normal dog

And here is Lucy’s upside down bowl clear across the other side of the kitchen

We have no idea why she’s doing this all of a sudden. Marty thinks she’s pissed that her food is all gone. My guess? I’m pretty sure she’s pissed that I’ve been mixing in weight control food with her regular food.

Message received, Lucy.


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