Lucy Strikes Again

To say I was pissed off this morning would be an understatement. I fed Lucy her breakfast and went back into the living room to finish my workout. Not even one minute later she came strolling back into the living room. I knew there was no way she’d eaten her food that fast so I checked her bowl – still full. I figured she’d eventually go back to eating and Marty came downstairs at that point so I turned Lucy over to him so I could finish my workout.

He camped out in the kitchen to see if she’d do her bowl-kicking “trick” again. Boy did she.

A nice scattering of food across a five-foot span.

You can see where her bowl SHOULD have been (in the upper right corner next to her water bowl).

Food was everywhere.

I was so angry I could barely speak. If she really hates her food that much she could have just left it in the bowl; there was NO need to make a mess (I am fully aware I’m making it sound like a dog could actually reason like a human being).

Well, she’s made her point. I wasted $60 on a 24-pound bag of food she refuses to eat. As my dad pointed out, maybe it’s called weight control food because dogs would rather starve than eat it.

Not funny, Lucy, not funny at all.

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