Scared Puppy

It turns out Lucy was not being a total brat and throwing her food bowl (containing her new weight control food) around. She was scared of her bowl! (Keep in mind it’s the same exact bowl she’s had her entire life!).

What happened was the ring on her collar that holds all her ID tags got bent; I hadn’t gotten around to fixing it yet and it wasn’t bothering her at all…or so I thought. Turns out she wasn’t throwing her bowl, it would get stuck on her collar while she was eating. We discovered this after the third time she “threw” her bowl around. Poor thing! It scared the crap out of her and ever since then she’s been the world’s most scared dog.

Hiding from any potential scary bowls that might attack her again.

She won’t go near her food bowl in the morning; we tried different locations, different food, we tried forcing her to eat, we tried taking her collar off. Today’s at least day four of all this drama and she FINALLY ate most of her food in one shot after we took her collar off. I feel horribly that she’s scared of a little food bowl! Now she even cowers when we bring the bowl anywhere near her and any loud seems to spook her now.

I just want my happy puppy back 😦

The formerly care-free Lucy


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