Thanksgiving Travels

The past five days have been full of family, food and TRAVELING. It was fun and exhausting for everyone, most especially Lucy.

If she wasn’t busy running around playing, this is what Lucy looked like for five days.

We traveled to South Jersey to North Jersey and back, with stops in Central Jersey. Phew! We’re lucky, though, that Lucy is a great traveler and adjusts well to being in new places.

Playing with her “cousins”

Of course, being able to sleep on Marty’s parents’ couch didn’t hurt…

“A little different from my couch at home, but it’ll do.”

And perhaps the best part of her trip? She found a new best friend.

Rubber duckie, you’re the one.

As usual, Lucy found a new toy to obsess with and destroy. Although this one has lasted an impressive four-plus days. A near record when it comes to Lucy and her toys.

All in all, a great weekend with friends and family, even if Lucy didn’t get as many Thanksgiving scraps as she would have liked, despite her many attempts at her “poor, starving puppy” routine.

“No more food??”


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