Lucy has become very snuggly lately. Don’t get me wrong, she still has her fits of craziness as demonstrated by the picture below where she did laps around my parents’ house with a four-foot stick.

She found the biggest stick possible and took it for a lap around the entire house.

Maybe it’s the colder weather or maybe she’s calming down a bit, but whatever the reason, she has been a bit more inclined to snuggle on the couch rather than practically trying to sit on our heads while we try to sit like normal human beings on the couch. Apparently just sitting was overrated; according to Lucy, one must constantly make one’s presence known by hopping from lap to lap and never sitting still for more than five seconds.

In particular, she has become VERY attached to this blanket.

It seems like every morning when I come downstairs, she either has her head buried in the blanket or she’s wedged herself as far back into the corner of the cushions as she can get.

Every morning she is either cuddling with her blanket or has wedged herself as far into the couch cushions as possible.


The only pitfall to her snuggliness? She doesn’t move around on the couch as often meaning when she drools (which is always), the drool spot is concentrated  just gets wetter and wetter. FYI, always look where you’re about to sit on my couch when you visit 🙂

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