My Dad

I’ve alluded to this in the past few posts, but one of the (many) things that Lucy is scared of is my dad, which remains one of the strangest things ever.

To give some context, my parents are dog people and Lucy has spent extended time with them both here at my apartment and at their house in New Jersey. In fact, less than one month after we first brought Lucy home she spent more than a few days and nights with my parents while I attended a wedding in North Carolina.

Below are a few pictures from Lucy’s time with my parents that weekend…

Lucy playing outside

Lucy playing outside

Getting her daily dose of fiber via woodchips

Getting her daily dose of fiber via woodchips

Doesn’t exactly look like a dog who had a miserable few days, does she? And yet for some reason, at best she remains wary of my dad and at the worst she is petrified of him.

Whenever he comes home from work, she literally cowers under the coffee table. She won’t go near him; sometimes she’ll creep up and plant herself a few feet in front of him but goes no further. This goes on for at least the first 20 minutes after my dad gets home. Sloooowly she sort of starts to warm up and finally becomes quite friendly when my dad busts out the food.

"Hi best buddy, I see you have food."

“Hi best buddy, I see you have food.”

Once the food is out she becomes glued to my dad and then even after the food goes away, she stays by his side (normally laying on his feet farting). The funny thing is though that every single time he comes home we go through this “warming up” phase. I don’t get it. My dad (like me…) isn’t exactly a warm and fuzzy kind of guy but he likes Lucy and likes having her around and she gets all the attention when she spends time there.

Who knows, just add this to the list of reasons Lucy isn’t quite “normal.”


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