Lucy’s Latest Obsession

Ever since the day Lucy destroyed three toys, I’ve decided soft, fluffy, cuddly toys are not for her (or my bank account). She loves her soft, fuzzy toys but she literally loves them to death.

So, I’ve been sticking with the non-stuffed variety of toys. However, even those toys she destroys, although it takes 24 hours, not 24 minutes. I got her a knotted rope that she managed to un-knot within two hours and then proceeded to chew the ends so much they started to fray. So far she has one ball and her kong that she has not destroyed. Well, the other day I stopped in Petsmart to try to yet again find the perfect toy Lucy couldn’t destroy.

I don’t think I found it – I’m pretty sure she’ll destroy this one in time – but boy this is as obsessed as I’ve seen her with a toy since her pink elephant.

Behold, the ball/bone…the bonall? The ballone?

Multi-tasking at its finest; protecting her toy and watching TV!

Multi-tasking at its finest; protecting her toy and watching TV!


Total focus

Total focus

And even at rest she is with her toy…and making sure no one touches it!



Unfortunately she chews it so hard the little plastic pieces are slowly chipping off and sticking to the couch and “her” blanket (another thing I’ve lost to this dog, along with personal space on the couch and clean, non-slobbery clothes). Which is what makes me think this toy won’t last forever. There’s also only so long I’m willing to sit in my little (little!) square of the couch with little plastic specs of her toy under my ass.


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