Why a Bulldog?

Of all the questions I get about Lucy – does she like kids? Is she friendly? How much does she weigh? – the most common question I get is “why did you pick a bulldog?”

There are a lot of reasons I chose a dog that alternates between this:

Sleepy dog and her toys

Sleepy dog and her toys

And this:



Growing up I alternated between wanting a St. Bernard (?) and a corgi. I guess I kind of compromised? I got a dog that’s slightly bigger than a corgi (and much cuter!) with the “big dog” personality of a St. Bernard.

I can’t lie, I fell in love with bulldogs a few years ago because of their insane cuteness. However, I didn’t give much thought to actually getting one as I was still moving around a lot, didn’t have the money to buy and maintain a dog and quite frankly, was still too selfish with my time to want to share it with a dog.

A year or so ago, however, I went from not being interested in a dog to needing one ASAP. So, I began my research and was ecstatic to find that a bulldog would actually be perfect for my lifestyle. Bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise; I am very into exercise but with my hectic schedule, it wouldn’t be fair to keep an energetic dog inside while I worked the occasional late night.

Because they don’t need a lot of exercise, bulldogs are great apartment dogs – another perfect fit! Marty and I live in an apartment that has a large side yard and just enough room indoors to give our dog room to play but she wouldn’t ever feel like she needed more room.

A couch, a blanket and some floor space and she's a happy camper

A couch, a blanket and some floor space and she’s a happy camper

Finally, bulldogs are people dogs. They typically love people and with our jobs, that’s a bonus. We both work in college athletics and it’s awesome to be able to bring Lucy to games and events and not have her freak out or be impossible to control. Plain and simple, she loves being around people and we can pretty much take her anywhere.

Yes, she requires a lot of work and maintenance but with a face like this, it’s worth it 10 times over!

Squishy face

Squishy face


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