Lucy’s Christmas Travels

Phew, what a week this has been for everyone! It was a wonderful week, though, and one that left Lucy exhausted!

The Saturday before Christmas we traveled to my parents’ house in Northern New Jersey where Lucy was spoiled with attention and gifts (and breakfast bacon!).

"Helping" water the tree

“Helping” water the tree

Christmas night we went to my Aunt’s house where Lucy spent dinner in her cage and was NOT happy about it…

Oh, if looks could kill

Oh, if looks could kill

From there we hit the road for South Jersey where Marty’s family lives and where more spoiling (and fattening) of Lucy continued. She finally got free range of the couch (not allowed on couches at my parents’), kids to play with, her very own stocking and she met her boyfriend, Diesel. Lucy did notplay hard to get and literally chased Diesel in circles for nearly five hours. I don’t think her technique worked.

Note that Diesel isn't exactly in hot pursuit

Note that Diesel isn’t exactly in hot pursuit

In fact, Diesel spent at least 20 minutes sitting still as a statue by the front door afraid to move for fear that Lucy would pick up her pursuit of him.

"If I don't move, maybe she won't see me"

“If I don’t move, maybe she won’t see me”

Fortunately she finally gave into her exhaustion and collapsed right in the middle of the floor in the midst of our post-Christmas brunch.

So, so tired

So, so tired

She was an absolute trooper the whole week, though, despite the interruptions to her schedule and massive amounts of time spent in the car. Now we have a few more days at home with her before we return to the “real world” and work!


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