Not in the Cards

Over Christmas break I had the opportunity to bring home a free (!) English bulldog. He was absolutely adorable and while I know in the long run no dog is ever “free,” a large chunk of the expenses we had for Lucy would have been negated with this dog, including buying the dog and neutering him. However, I couldn’t even bring myself to go see the dog because I knew I wanted him and I knew we could give him a good home but I also knew it just wasn’t practical.

Don’t get me wrong, I desperately want a rescue bully; heck, every day for months I have checked to see what bullies are available for adoption and every day I find at least one bulldog whose picture I email to Marty with the subject: I WANT HIM.

Example A: Baxter, who is in the very town right next to my parents (photo credit).

Plus, Lucy isn’t really an issue; she gets along with every dog she’s ever met and loves them (although the feeling isn’t always mutual).

So, what is the issue? Mostly my finances. They need a break. The holidays killed my bank account, Lucy’s surgeries cost a bit more than I had imagined (to the tune of $3000) and there’s grad school, a car loan, etc.

Also, our apartment may be fine for two dogs…or it may not be. Bulldogs certainly don’t need a lot of room to burn off energy, but if we had two couch dogs? Marty and I would find ourselves on the floor.

We also do a fair amount of traveling with Lucy; what would we do with two dogs? Bring two cars all the time? Board them? More $$ if we went that route.

So, I’m constantly torn between wanting to bring home every sad little bully who needs rescuing and doing the “adult” thing and holding off. For now, I’m being an adult (although a whiny one at that). Who knows, maybe in the not-so-distant future I’ll have a larger apartment or a house of my own, or have saved up enough money to fully support two dogs. Or hit the lottery.


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