Meet Cindy

So D-Day, or Pickup Foster Dog Day, came and went yesterday and what a 24 hours it has been!

I arrived in Harrisburg at 9:30 yesterday morning to pick up Cindy (who at the time was going by the name T.J. – not girly enough if you ask me!). First reaction? She is HUGE! Too big, obviously, but a very large girl and it was obvious from the start she has trouble walking. Her front elbows bow out dramatically; not sure if that’s breeding or a result of not getting much physical activity for most of her life.

First meeting

First meeting

And the poor thing has clearly never been taken care of. She smells and not of the typical dog smell. She has barely any teeth so I’m sure she has gum disease which will contribute to that smell. Cindy’s wrinkles have also clearly never been cleaned, neither had her tail pocket, and she has vaginal discharge. I know. Poor, poor baby.

Her boobs are practically bigger than mine (had to lighten the mood somehow!), so she’s clearly nursed quite a few litters. In fact, that’s why were told Cindy being surrendered by her owner; her owner had no use for her anymore because she was done having litters. How sad!!

However, she is the sweetest, sweetest thing. We’ll never know exactly what conditions she lived in and how much human interaction she had, but she is just a lovebug. You can tell she feels safe when she’s in her cage and seems to not pay much attention to you when you’re in the same room as her, but as soon as you let her out of her cage she comes right over and just looks at you with her big, crusty cow eyes.

Sweet Cindy

Sweet Cindy

And little Lucy? Well as expected, she has no idea what to make of this new (temporary) addition. I am keeping Cindy crated both because of Lucy and because she seems to feel very safe and comfy in there. I have a baby gate up between the kitchen and living room as Lucy is very…nosy and jumpy around Cindy! I don’t think Lucy likes her, necessarily, as they exchanged a few growls yesterday, but I also don’t think she dislikes her, either. I just don’t think she has any clue what to make of her – understandable, if you ask me!

To be honest, I’m feeling both overwhelmed and happy that we saved Cindy (I hope that’s what we’re doing!). The other bullie who was rescued from the same place with Cindy is far more detached than Cindy, apparently, but has similar issues – smell, poor teeth, etc.

Cindy and I have a vet appointment Monday morning so I’ll know a lot more after that. I know this is going to be a project to get her healthy enough for someone to adopt and I think it will be slightly stressful around here until then.

P.S. – Her new name came at the suggestion of a co-worker who thought Cinderella, Cindy for short, would be a good name and it’s perfect! We’ll get her from rags to riches soon!


12 thoughts on “Meet Cindy

  1. Welcome Cindy!

    Liking her cage is normal. Dogs like dens. My one girl still uses a crate and likes to have a blanket draped over it because the enclosed feeling makes her feel safe. When she’s scared by thunder or fireworks or something, she hangs out in it.

    And don’t worry about Cindy and Lucy growling. They are just feeling each other out, laying boundaries.

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