Paging Dr. McCaffery

A big day in dog world today – Cindy had her first vet appointment. Sadly, it was probably her first-ever vet appointment! I heaved all 57 pounds of her into the back of my car and got assistance bringing her into the vet’s office đŸ™‚

So where do I begin?? First things first: she was a champ! She moved around as best she could so the vet could watch her walk, she sat there like a little lady while they examined her and she didn’t make a single peep! In fact, she was soaking up the attention!



They quickly ruled out pyo(metra) which is great! If she’d had pyo they would have had to do an emergency spay and with her weight she is no shape to go under anesthesia at this point! Her leaking is more than likely an infection so she’s loaded up with antibiotics. Her left eye is scratched and scarred from an entropion and likely a resulting ulcer. The ulcer is gone so we just have drops to treat the scarring.

Her teeth (the ones she has left!) are a mess and when they spay her they’ll do some dental work, as well. Not sure yet what that will entail but we’ll find out more once we schedule surgery.

What else…her ears actually look great, they cleaned out the wrinkles and I’ll keep up with the anti-fungal wash I have. We’ll stick with a rice diet for a few days to make sure she can keep all her meds down.

So what’s next? Operation Biggest Loser: Cinderella (a.k.a. Cindy)! She’s at 57 pounds and the vet would like to see her down to 45 pounds! That’s a crap-ton of weight so we’ll take it day by day. We’re going to take her for short (very short!) walks and hopefully that, combined with controlling her portions, will help the weight fall off. Not only will losing weight allow her to have surgery but it should also help her walk better, breathe better and hopefully be a little more comfortable overall.

Her shoulders are a wreck – no dog should be bred like this! – but we’ll get some weight off, give her some glucosamine and then take it from there in regards to how to proceed on her shoulders/elbows. Not sure there’s anything more we can do but we’ll explore all options.

Hang in there, Cindy!

P.S. – After bragging that she was house-trained (and I still think she is!), she copped a squat on the vet’s rug in the waiting room. I guess all the poking and prodding did a number on her bladder. Hey, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!


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