Poor, Neglected Lucy

Ok, not really. Lucy has received just as much, if not more, attention than B.C. (before Cindy). However, I’m sure she feels like she’s gotten less attention. She is still the first one to go outside, the first one to get food, the first one to get pets in the morning.

But, Cindy goes outside, too. And Cindy gets treats and food and pets and cuddles. So in Lucy’s mind, I’m sure she thinks she’s being slighted. I also suffer from “Mommy” guilt. I feel badly that Lucy now has to split a little bit of time and attention with Cindy, especially since Cindy has so many…issues 🙂

Therefore, this picture can be interpreted two ways:

The girls

The girls

Lucy is either mildly curious about Cindy and actually kinda wants to be near her…or she’s guarding her bowl and being super possessive (even though that’s Cindy’s bowl…whatever!).

My thought? A mix of both. When we leave the gate open but Cindy’s still in her cage, Lucy will often hang out in the kitchen alternating between sniffing Cindy through the wire or sitting and staring at her from a distance.

Marty and I have given Lucy a bit of extra attention and snuggles and treats. Plus, Cindy is a ridiculously sloppy eater…

Food everywhere, every meal

Food everywhere, every meal

…so how could Lucy not like her even a little bit? Lucy gets all the extra food scattered on the floor, extra treats when I give Cindy a treat (there’s that Mommy guilt again) and she gets the entire living room all to herself all day. Cindy will lose weight (puking up your dinner will do that), Lucy will gain and I’ll be back to one normal-weight bulldog and one fatty. 🙂

It’s been less than a week so it’ll be interesting to see what more time together will do for the Lucy-Cindy relationship.

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