Sick Doggy

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her (ok, maybe you would), but Cindy has a few lingering and concerning health concerns that we need to get addressed ASAP.

Poor, sick Cindy.

Poor, sick Cindy.

First and foremost, the girl needs to be spayed. She’s still leaky and spaying will likely fix that. However, believe it or not, we have more pressing issues. Cindy tested, and re-tested, positive for both Lyme disease and heartworm. Those are the issues that need to get fixed first.

Unfortunately, treating heartworm is a very difficult and lengthy treatment – and a slightly dangerous one. It puts a lot of added stress on doggies’ hearts and lungs so the treatments need to be stretched out over longer periods of time; that way it’s not too intense over a shorter period of time.

The first step in treating heartworm is also the treatment for Lyme disease – a 30-day treatment of pills. Cindy will then go on a second 30-day treatment for heartworm only and then she’ll go on to get injections on day 60 and 90 & 91. Poor, poor girl.

I really have no way of knowing how these two diseases are making her feel right now. She drinks a lot of water but has an appetite, increasing energy, her lymph nodes aren’t swollen and her heart is just fine. So I think she’s either learned to deal with any symptoms she has – which would just break my heart, or she’s actually feeling relatively fine.

Luckily we have a tremendous vet who willingly answers my one million questions and we’ll definitely get this girl healthy. Crossing my fingers that there aren’t any permanent effects from either of these diseases and someone will want to scoop up this sweet, affectionate girl and give her a forever home where she can get all the attention she wants and deserves!


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