Meier’s Pharmacy

I don’t own a doggy pharmacy. But I almost could.

Meds ,meds and more meds.

Meds ,meds and more meds.

What we have here is an ungodly assortment of meds for both Lucy and Cindy. Let’s start with the “easy” patient first: Lucy.

Lucy’s meds are the two bottles on the far right and the large white bottle in the back right. ALL of them are for treating and preventing yeast infections in her ears, wrinkles and feet. When I took her to the vet a few weeks ago because she would not stop eating her feet, it was found she has yeast in her ears, wrinkles and feet. Lovely. She was prescribed steroids as a quick fix to the itching and yeast (so a few weeks ago there would have been another bottle of pills). And now I maintain a yeast-free Lucy by cleaning her twice a day with the various bottles previously mentioned.

Now, onto Cindy. The rest of the bottles – in addition to the large white bottle because ALL bulldogs need their wrinkles cleaned – Cindy has a grand total of 11 pills a day she has to take! We have to give her five pills a day for Lyme/heartworm, four antibiotic pills a day and two joint supplement pills.

In order to get her to take nine of those 11 pills (the joint tablets are easy enough to sneak in her food), I have to put every one in its own “pill pocket” treat, hence the bag in the back.

Cindy also needs eye drops four times a day – that would be the small bottle with the pink cap in the front. By far the easiest of the medicines to give either dog!

Let’s also not forget the importance of real food (the plastic container on the left), a humidifier to keep their noses damp (on the far right) and an assortment of air fresheners (back row) and we have started to run out of space on the dogs’ table.

High-maintenance dogs, yes, but so freaking cute!





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