Pee, Puke and Poop

From Friday afternoon through Sunday night it was just me and the girls. Marty coached at a two-day track meet from Friday night through Saturday night and then on Sunday he and his team hosted their annual High School Invitational so he had to be at the track all day to supervise that. Leaving me and the girls alone all weekend 😦

Do NOT let this picture fool you. A smooth weekend it was not.

Not as sweet as it may first appear

Not as sweet as it may first appear

On Friday I attempted to take Lucy for a walk along the river. We lasted five minutes in each direction before she was done. But she managed to fit in two bouts of diarrhea during that 10-minute span. Which somehow got onto the front of my jacket.

Saturday I had to keep a very, very close eye on both dogs. They’re still not exactly relaxed around each other. The periods of growling and overall crankiness has been somewhat limited, but only if I am on the ground acting as a buffer between them. Hard to get stuff done that way, so I had to limit my personal productivity to the times they were sleeping – Lucy on the couch, Cindy on the floor pillow.

Sunday morning started out with Cindy peeing on the floor five minutes after Marty left and was capped off by Cindy puking up her dinner (two-plus hours after the fact) 10 minutes before Marty got home. This morning Cindy decided to round out the trifecta by pooping on the carpet while Marty sat there and shouted to me in the kitchen, “Cindy crapped on the floor!” Guess who cleaned it up? Not Marty.

I know I sound like I’m complaining and I sort of am – in a very lighthearted way. Things could be way worse and nothing that happened over the weekend isn’t anything I haven’t dealt with before. Coming home to their wagging butts and happy dances are well worth pee, puke and poop. Not that I’m hoping it becomes a habit 🙂


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