I’m Confused

Just when I think Lucy and Cindy are finally getting along, one of them proves me wrong.

The last week or so I’ve been keeping Cindy out of the cage pretty much every minute someone is home (with the exception of night time – then she’s in the cage). So, it makes sense that it seemed Lucy and Cindy were sloooowly learning to get along better. The snapping, growling and lunging incidents from Cindy had pretty much disappeared; now she kind of just of lets Lucy do her crazy business – jumping, hopping, running around – whenever and wherever she wants and just kind of lays there. She doesn’t join in, but she doesn’t snap out either.

In fact, this is what I walked into tonight from the kitchen:

Hi Mommy!

Hi Mommy!

After dinner we had our normal play time; Lucy and I played with her ball while I kept up a constant stream of petting for Cindy. I’m not sure if Cindy is feeling so great but Lucy was her typical nosy self.

Lucy with the start of crazy eyes

Lucy with the start of crazy eyes

Then out of absolutely nowhere, Cindy snapped, growled and lunged at Lucy. Lucy had done absolutely nothing to provoke the attack; she was just sitting there chewing her ball! I scolded Cindy then not even two minutes later she did it again for seemingly no reason. So I was forced to separate them which breaks my heart.

Sometimes I can understand why Cindy acts out. Lucy is still a puppy and is definitely more active than Cindy. But tonight they were both getting equal attention – maybe that’s what was bothering Cindy? She wasn’t the center of attention?

A former co-worker suggested a local trainer who deals with all sorts of behavioral and training issues, including working with multiple dogs in one household. We won’t be keeping Cindy forever (once she’s healthy we’ll find her a forever home!) but she’ll be here long enough that it might be worth it.


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