Moving Day

On Friday night I got a phone call from the rescue organization I volunteer with – S.N.O.R.T. – that a pug (Omar) needed help getting from Erie, Pa. all the way to East Rutherford, N.J. They were having a hard time getting Omar anywhere east of where I live so they called to see if I was available and it turns out I was!

Marty and I were planning to drive 90 minutes east to the outlets in Tannersville anyway, and that turned out to be a perfect meeting spot to get Omar onto his next transport leg. The only drawback was I had to drive 75 minutes WEST to get Omar, drive back to Selinsgrove to pick up Marty and then proceed our originally planned 90 minute drive to the outlets. It was totally worth it, though. Check out Omar!

100% alert 100% of her waking time.

100% alert 100% of her waking time.

So why was Omar being given a new home? Well, her previous owners moved to a new apartment that didn’t allow dogs. The shelter they dropped him off at asked SNORT to get involved because Omar had girl parts…and boy parts. A hermaphrodite dog! She/he needed some special care to fix any potential problems stemming from her/his complex anatomy 🙂

But, a wonderful family did not let that deter them from making Omar (new female name TBA) their new forever doggie and on Sunday I played a small role in getting her to her new forever home! They have decided she will be identified as a female going forward with a new, feminine, girly name to be determined!

Omar LOVED her flying squirrel toy

Omar LOVED her flying squirrel toy

I’ve always said I wanted a hobby. Marty has his bikes, running, swimming and races. I don’t have much. I am not athletic (and prone to injury, anyway…), I’m not particularly crafty and I’m kind of a homebody. But maybe I found my niche – crazy dog lady. In all seriousness, this isn’t exactly a hobby, but it feels nice to help out with something meaningful by either giving dogs a temporary new home or helping them get to their new “furever” home.


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