Dead Dog

Cindy has learned a new trick. She’s such a genius I haven’t even had to teach her. It’s called dead dog.

Today at lunch I was putting groceries away after letting the doggies out to do their business. I walked back into the living room and found this:

Notice no eye contact is being made

Notice no eye contact is being made

Yup, Cindy struck again and silently jumped her way onto the couch (Lucy does it all the time so I’m not shocked by the fact she followed Cindy up there).

So where does dead dog come in? Well, I personally don’t mind that Cindy is up on the couch but she can’t get herself off! Her front shoulders are a wreck and can’t support all 55 pounds of jumping back onto the floor. So I have to lift her off and lug her back onto the floor. Thus, when she sees me reaching for her, she goes limp like a big(ger) sack of potatoes. Or, Dead Dog!

She also often does this when I have to forcibly remove her from her bed to put her into the cage when I leave for the day. I lift her front end up hoping she’ll support herself and start standing all the way up – never happens. The minute I let go of her she sags to the floor again.

Cindy’s a girl who knows what she wants out of life and that’s to be comfy. So do I, but my back hurts from lugging Cindy the Sack of Potatoes off the couch!


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