Over the Bridge and Through the Woods, Back to the Vet We Go

That’s right, Cindy and I are headed back to the vet tomorrow! No offense to Dr. McCaffery and Companion Animal Hospital, but it had been a nice three weeks away from their office. However, Cindy is just a week or so away from moving on to her next round of treatment for heartworm and before that can start, they need to make sure her chest area is clear so she’s going in for a round of chest x-rays tomorrow.

Unfortunately, today at lunch I came home to a goopy-eyed Cindy. That’s right, her entire left eyeball itself was covered in greenish-yellowish…stuff. Really nasty. She’s already on eye-drops for the scarring she had before she came to us so obviously this is a separate issue. But, as luck would have it, we’re already going to the vet for x-rays so they’re going to tack on an eye exam, too. Lucky us!

Goopy-eyed Cindy

Poor Cindy

I’m trying my very best to be a more optimistic person in all aspects of my life, so I’m going to look at this trip as a chance to see how much weight Cindy has lost. Three weeks ago she was 55.5 pounds (down from 57). Maybe we’ll see a 5-0 on the scale tomorrow??

Hopefully back with good news tomorrow after our appointment!

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