Deep Thoughts

No, really, a few deep thoughts that have been rattling around my brain lately.

First, life with two dogs.

My two doggies

My two doggies

I never thought we’d have two dogs in such a short span of time. We got Lucy in May of 2012 and eight months later we had two bulldogs! How are we handling life with two dogs? I think perfectly fine so far although it is undoubtedly twice the work, especially since the dogs are so different – Lucy is hyper. Cindy is…not. It’s a little stresful at times, especially if I’m running late for work or have to leave work for a few hours to take one of them to the vet.

But, it’s definitely worth it because A: I love Lucy and that hasn’t changed and B: Cindy is in a much better place than where she came from.

This is also my first-ever foster. Once we get Cindy healthy she’ll be put up for adoption and I really hope she gets lots of applications because she is a truly wonderful dog.

Absolute cuteness

Absolute cuteness

However, I can’t help but think – how hard will it be to give her away? How will I handle it? How will Cindy handle it?? For the first time in her life she feels secure, comfortable and loved and obviously whatever family adopts her will give her more of the same, but I hope she doesn’t feel abandoned.

I can’t dictate where she goes but it would be wonderful if she stayed within driving distance so I could see her from time to time. Although even email updates would be better than nothing!

So, it’s definitely been an out-of-the-ordinary few months around here and I know in the long run it’s a relatively small part of our lives as well as Lucy’s. And more than anything I’m so relieved that Cindy got out of that darn puppy mill. She may not be with us forever and maybe she’ll wind up somewhere she loves even better than here, but I’m so happy that she’s with us for however long she needs to stay here.

And the elephant in the room – will we continue to foster? I honestly don’t know. Probably. Will it be any time soon? Maybe, maybe not. I have loved having Cindy with us and there’s no better feeling than helping a doggy get better (physically and emotionally) after life in a puppy mill but we have limited space and I did kind of force this on Marty. Now, he loves her and has been great with Cindy and Lucy but having one dog also has its advantages.

This is a lengthy post to essentially say one thing: I love having Cindy, I love having Lucy and fostering has been a tremendous experience with many ups and downs!

Friends or foes??

Friends or foes??

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