Making Progress

Just a quick check-in to report that the doggies are making progress. Not only is today Cindy’s last day of her 30-day antibiotic treatment for Lyme/heartworm(30 days down, 60 to go!), twice this morning we caught the girls snuggling on the couch!

The first happened when I caught Cindy resting her head on Lucy’s back while they waited patiently for Marty to come back into the living room. Granted they knew he was coming back with food (although human food, not doggie food) so they were being extra nice, but it was so sweet to see Cindy willingly cuddle up with Lucy. They looked so cute just sitting there staring at the kitchen door together while clearly thinking the same thing – FOOD!

Then, just as I got out of the shower, Marty sent me a picture of the two of them sleeping while TOUCHING on the couch! I sneaked downstairs and grabbed this picture:

Actual physical contact while laying down for naps!

Actual physical contact while laying down for naps!

Admittedly this happened after I stopped Cindy mid-snarl/growl/snap directed at Lucy, but I still think we’re making progress toward a happy home!


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