Random Thoughts and Pictures

It’s Monday and my brain is already fried, so here are some random Monday Thoughts.

1. This picture of Lucy makes me laugh every time!

"I'm ready for my closeup!"

“I’m ready for my closeup!”

2. Cindy has bi-polar lately. She’s been more snippy/growly at Lucy the past few days and then she goes and does something like this? She face-planted (literally) from the couch onto the floor, snuggled up next to Lucy and didn’t move for the next hour.

Nap time

Nap time

3. Cindy loves to sleep more than anyone I know. Except maybe me.

Totally zonked out

Totally zonked out

4. Sometimes I still think Lucy looks like a wee little puppy despite the fact that she turns one on March 10.

Caught between puppy and adult

Caught between puppy and adult

5. Sometimes when I’m outside with Cindy, she’ll fall over like a tree – like literally just go from standing to on her side in one movement; then she starts wriggling around on her back. I like to pretend that’s her way of expressing how happy she is to be out of the puppy mill. Just pure, unbridled joy at being able to fall over like a tree whenever she wants and roll around in the grass.


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