Cindy still has her “old lady” cranky moments and snaps at Lucy from time to time. Sometimes it’s for no reason, sometimes it’s for a legit reason. However, in the theme of progress, things have continued to improve.

I really think it started when Cindy ended her antibiotics late last week. She immediately seemed to have to more energy; maybe it’s coincidence, but she’s been more lively. She even got up from her bed this morning the minute I walked downstairs! Normally she sits there and watches me from her bed while I take Lucy out and then slowly lugs herself out of bed to go outside.

The other night she and Lucy were even playing/wrestling with each other! And it didn’t involve a typical Cindy snap-at-Lucy incident, either! Now, Cindy sounded like she was having an asthma attack two minutes into playing, but I think she was truly having fun!

Plus, their snuggle sessions on the couch have been a tad more frequent.

Snuggle buddies. For now.

Snuggle buddies. For now.

Unfortunately Cindy goes on more aggressive heartworm treatment in exactly one month. Those treatments are very intense and from my non-professional research, dogs need to be kept very calm during the treatments so as not to put added pressure on their hearts and lungs which are already being taxed during the treatment.

So, I think Cindy and Lucy have another month of learning to play with each other and be couch buddies before Cindy has to go into “isolation.” The treatments need to get done so there’s not really any sense in me being sad about it, but I feel badly that Cindy has to go through all this crap and I feel badly that she may have her freedom and playtime taken from her. Although it’s a temporary situation, she won’t understand that. However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Two more months of meds, a month of injections and a month of “bed rest,” and I’m crossing all fingers and toes we can then declare Cindy Lyme and heartworm free!

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