A Breed of Many Faces

When most people think of bulldogs, they probably think of a big, fat, squishy-faced dog with big teeth. Kind of like Cindy (except with teeth). Kind of.


But I’ve never come across a breed where each dog looks different from the next. Take Lucy, for instance. She’s the exact same breed as Cindy but they essentially look nothing alike.


Lucy has a much more narrow head, flappier ears and her face is overall slightly less smushed than Cindy’s.

And every bulldog I come across looks different from the next, from size to coloring to build. I don’t know how you judge an “ideal” bulldog because they’re all so different!

Cindy does, however, fit the “lazy bulldog” stereotype. To a “T.”

Lazy, lazy

Lazy, lazy

When she’s not eating, drinking or out doing her business, she’s a blob on the couch. Literally, she does nothing else. The same cannot be said for Lucy.


Lucy chews, plays “fetch,” paces, chases sticks, goes for walks (however unwillingly) and is just generally very high-energy, uncommon for her breed.

Not much of a point to this post except that the thought came to me the other day that I’d have zero problem picking Lucy and Cindy out of a pack of bulldogs. But when I thought about doing the same for the chocolate lab we had growing up, for instance, I realized how hard it would be to pick her out of a group of chocolate labs.

I find it fascinating how different this one breed is – no wonder I want so many; variety is the spice of life!

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