Potty Humor

My dogs have taught me something new, again! I know it’s common for male dogs to mark their territories – not exactly news. I (mistakenly) thought that female dogs didn’t engage in that kind of behavior but I stand corrected!

I never had two dogs at the same time growing up – we had our mutt Nikki until I was six or so then we got Samantha, our chocolate lab, when I was in third grade. While Samantha certainly took an awful long time sniffing the territories male dogs marked in our neighborhood, she didn’t actually do any marking herself.

For the first few weeks we had Cindy and Lucy, I took them out separately. It was just easier because Lucy is so much faster and high-energy than Cindy. However, Marty often took them out together and once the two dogs got adjusted to each other, I started to do the same. And that’s when we noticed a very interesting behavior from Cindy.

Sorry for invading your personal time, Lucy.

Sorry for invading your personal time, Lucy.

Ok, so memorize the details of the picture – the little pieces of trash (thank you neighbors), the concrete wall behind Lucy. Then look at this picture of Cindy doing her business:


Notice any similarities? Yup, Cindy watches Lucy pee than proceeds to pee over her pee spot every single time. It’s hilarious because she is so obvious about it! She sniffs all around then the minute she finds Lucy’s pee spot, she cops a quick squat and takes care of her business.

So I guess female dogs have their own version of marking; Cindy wants to make sure her scent is the only doggy scent in our yard. What a funny dog!

Pre-potty rolling session

Pre-potty rolling session


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