The Key to a Healthy Digestive System

…is to essentially do the opposite of what Lucy does.

It started last Saturday morning. Lucy and I headed to a local park to watch a co-worker run a 5k. We were there an hour early (whoops) but luckily the co-worker’s wife and son (who’s almost seven) were there and he helped entertain Lucy for the hour. Of course, she didn’t need much help being entertained – the field was literally covered in sticks of every size. So we threw sticks, Lucy chewed on more than I can count as I found out on Sunday (and Monday and Tuesday), she literally ate quite a few of those sticks.

Sunday morning I came downstairs and all looked normal – Lucy was curled up on the couch barely paying any attention to me. I walked over to give her a good-morning pet and that was when I noticed a scattering of woodchips and stick pieces stuck all over the blanket surrounded by a large wet spot. I had NO clue what she had done. Had she puked up woodchips? Then where was the puke? (I know, gross). I was thoroughly confused but figured she had maybe stored a few pieces of stick in her jowls (she’s been known to do that…).

But I came down Monday morning and same thing! A big wet spot on the blanket and a few hunks of stick.

Tuesday morning I finally figured out what was going on and that I have the world’s most disgusting dog.

We have a whole host of cleaning products for a reason.

We have a whole host of cleaning products for a reason.

She had been puking – but eating her puke and leaving just the woodchips behind. Lovely. However, Tuesday morning she missed some of the puke which I found on the floor, so I was able to put the pieces together.

Doesn’t look like a dog who had just puked up woodchips, does she?

I feel so much better now, Mommy!

I feel so much better now, Mommy!

We’re on morning two of no puke and no woodchips. On a serious note, I was really worried that we were going to have a big problem on our hands. Growing up, our chocolate lab had two surgeries to remove foreign objects from her stomach that had totally blocked her stomach/intestines so I was kind of paranoid about Lucy.

Luckily, she always acted fine before and after puking incidents. A silver lining? She has her one-year checkup today and maybe the puking made her lose a few pounds in the process and the vet won’t call her chunky. 🙂

This wet spot? It's nothing, trust me, Mom.

This wet spot? It’s nothing, trust me, Mom.


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