One-Year Checkup

On Friday morning Lucy had her one-year checkup at the vet! I was battling a mild case of the flu so I felt like I was the one who needed to see a doctor, but I lugged Lucy to see Dr. Mac to hopefully get a clean bill of health.

Waiting, waiting...

Waiting, waiting…

Do NOT let this picture fool you. It took me 20 minutes to get a picture where Lucy stood still for more than one second. It was a packed waiting room which meant Lucy went into hyperactive overdrive and my shoulder felt like it was falling out of its socket by the time our names were called.

Speaking of which, first up in our appointment was the dreaded scale…

And this is also not what Lucy looked like, not even close. It took two tries and five minutes for her to stand still long enough to get a reading on the scale which – cue the angels singing – read that she had lost an entire pound! Yay!!

Once we got into our waiting room, where my shoulder thanked me profusely, we waited a bit more for Dr. Mac to come in and see us. Fortunately Lucy was off-leash in the office and sniffed her way around the room.

"Where is Dr. Mac?"

“Where is Dr. Mac?”

Well, $345 later, Lucy was stocked up with a year’s supply of heartworm and Lyme/tick meds, a microchip, clipped nails and a clean bill of health!

Yum, lots of hairballs in here to eat, I mean chase

Yum, lots of hairballs in here to eat, I mean chase

Of course multiple vets and technicians came in to see little Lucy during her checkup – they love her there, which is why I love our vet. They remember all their patients and even asked about Cindy.

Well, Lucy, here’s to another year of good health!


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