I’m Sad

Early Tuesday morning I have to drop Cindy off at the vet for her first of three heartworm injection treatments.

I have to get what? Injections??

I have to get what? Injections??

I’ve been dreading this for weeks. Every day Cindy seems to improve and become happier and happier. This morning she even chased a squirrel! If you’ve met Cindy you know what a big deal that is – the girl frequently stumbles when she walks (not because she’s clumsy but because due to breeding her shoulders are a disaster). She goes for walks with me and Lucy pretty much every day and just absolutely soaks up the attention we get on our walks.

Starting Tuesday that all changes when she needs to be closely monitored and kept calm with little to no exertion; obviously walks fall under that category, as does “chasing” squirrels, playing with Lucy and trudging through the snow.

Cindy, you mean we can't play wrestle anymore?

Cindy, you mean we can’t play wrestle anymore?

My biggest fear, beyond the health risks, is that she becomes sad again when she needs to be exiled to the kitchen for parts of the day and watches Lucy and me leave for our daily walks. She’s been through so much during her six-plus years at the puppy mill – things I’ll never know about – and I don’t want her to ever think she’s being abandoned. I know, I know, she’s a dog, she has the mentality of a two-year old and these treatments only last a month. But I’ve never met a bigger lovebug than Cindy and I think Lucy will also miss their time together.

The girls

The girls

Crossing my fingers all goes well over the next month, Cindy isn’t further scarred for life (dramatic, much?) and in 30 days we have a fully healthy dog ready for adoption!


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